CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCSC) - Hurricane Hugo was a Category 4 hurricane when it made landfall near Sullivan's Island 31 years ago Tuesday. Unlike this year's hurricane season, which is only the second to exhaust the list of storm names and move into the Greek alphabet, the 1989 season was considered an average one.. A Category 5 hurricane is a hurricane with winds over 156 mph. This is a list of the Category 5 hurricanes in the Atlantic Ocean. There are no records of a Category 5 hurricane before 1900; equipment was not as good before that. ... Hugo: 1989: 140: 260: 160 1990s Andrew: 1992: 150: 280: 175 Mitch: 1998: 155: 285: 180 2000s Isabel: 2003: 145.

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