Warning: Smartphone text prediction guesses crypto hodler’s seed. BTC1! Mornicca. May 2. Redditor Andre highlighted the ease with which hackers can use the text prediction feature to drain a user’s funds just by being able to first word out of the BIP 39 list. Seed phrases, a random combination of words from the Bitcoin Improvement Protocol. You'll be able to access the multi chart TradingView function. To add multiple charts to a single layout follow these step by step instructions: Step 1: Navigate to the TradingView top bar menu and find the 'Select layout' icon. Step 2: In the dropdown menu select the chart layout composition of your choice. Links:Code: https://github.com/karthik947/TVChartsOwnDataAll TV Libraries: https://in.tradingview.com/HTML5-stock-forex-bitcoin-charting-library/LW Library: ....

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