Linen Fabric | Online Fabric Store NZ The Remnant Warehouse for cuts of 10m+ Home Fashion & Apparel Fabrics Linen Fabric Linen Fabric Sort By Linen- Indigo Navy #7156 NZ$31.56 /metre As low as NZ$25.25 /metre Linen- Ash #6924 NZ$32.83 /metre As low as NZ$26.26 /metre Linen- Terracotta Orange #6923 NZ$32.83 /metre As low as NZ$26.26 /metre. NZ$41.68 /metre. As low as NZ$33.35 /metre. Browse our range of affordable linen fabrics online, and enjoy a 20% discount when ordering 10m+ of any one fabric. The linen fabric in this category includes 100% Linen, along with Linen that has been blended with Cotton, Viscose, Tencel, Polyester, Spandex or Nylon, or a combination of multipl fibres. Cost: The average cost is $1.25 per square foot (not including installation), with luxury brands priced at over $5 per square foot. 3. Plank Vinyl. iStock. Clearance Fabric, Cheap Fabrics Online | Online Fabric Store USA The Remnant Warehouse 20% OFF FABRICS for cuts of 10m+ Home Clearance Clearance Fabrics Clearance Fabrics Sort By Reduced! *Seconds* 63cm Princess Panel Flannelette #6991 US$2.96 /panel As low as US$2.37 /panel Reduced! Leopard Spot Viscose Jersey #6570 US$7.46 /metre.

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