This article explores the data types and methods used for storing BLOBs (Binary Large Objects), such as images and sounds, inside SQL Server. Legacy data types used in SQL Server versions 2000 and SQL 2005 will be examined as well as the new SQL 2008 FILESTREAM binary type. What are BLOBs. To start, we’ll compare two types of files, ASCII and. For that we 'll create a visual studio application to read the stored images from SQL and display them on a web page. There is the detail about storing images and BLOB files in SQL , you can refer to the following article. To write a BLOB value to your database, issue the appropriate INSERT or UPDATE statement and pass the BLOB value as an input parameter. If your BLOB is stored as text, such as a SQL Server text field, you can pass the BLOB as a string parameter. If the BLOB is stored in binary format, such as a <b>SQL</b> Server image field, you can pass an array of. Blob is the data type in MySQL that helps us store the object in the binary format. It is most typically used to store the files, images, etc media files for security reasons or some other purpose in MySQL. It can store and hold a variable amount of the data and four types of blob can be used in MySQL namely - LONGBLOB, MEDIUMBLOB, BLOB, and.

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