1) A piece of my heart A pillar of the family A portion of my life Literally, a slice of me Not just a sister My BFF, my bestie You have always been And you will always be Happy birthday 2) Oh I remember, how we used to fight endlessly As if we were destined to be enemies Yet through the years, with you I share Some of life's best memories. A short poem that acknowledges the pain of experiencing a bereavement but also provides a bright view on the memory of a loved one. If you chose this for your sister's memorial poem, it might help people remember the good times shared with them. Look beyond the empty chair To know a life well spent Look beyond the solitude To days of true content. As a big sister, you'd always inquire, Cared for me, my actions inspire. Your passion for life burns like a fire, My love for you, shall never expire, To be like you, I hope to aspire. One day together, we shall retire, You're my big sister, I'll always admire! Birthday Poem for Sister The little girls are who we use to be,.

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