1) jazz musicians could get paid more playing clubs. 2) big bands were dying out. 3) fashions in dance were moving more towards latin dances and early R&B and jump. 4) the swing dance generation had just fought a world war, and were. Producer and guitarist Rick Beato recently sat down with legendary guitarist Pat Metheny for a 90+ minute conversation about guitar playing, soloing, ... And he was one of the first to hook up multiple amps to a digital delay in order to spread his guitar sound out across multiple amplifiers. According to Pat: “this is what was required, you. I have been out at shows with Rick where men and women approach him in awe and he is recognized like a “Rock Star”. He is the author of his best selling book “The Beato Book – A creative approach to improvisation for guitar and other instruments”. Now he has introduced “The Beato Ear Training Method” which is the new world. .

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