We are suddenly experiencing problems with printing to PDF. we tried all Revit versions and all PDF software that we have (acrobat, PDFarchitect and BlueBeam). we never had errors with this software before until last Sunday. now, text and tags are all over the place, and jpg files attached to our title blocks are not printing.To add a custom page size: Start the Bluebeam. Click Open or press CTRL+O. The Open dialog box appears. From the file type list to the right of the File Name field, select 3D Files. Navigate to the desired file and select it, then click Open. The New 3D PDF dialog box appears. Select the desired 3D Content settings and Default Display Settings in the New 3D PDF > dialog box and click OK. Note: For Bluebeam PDF printer: In the Bluebeam Administrator Printer tag, uncheck the "Prompt for File Name" checkbox. Option 2: Use a different PDF printer: PDF export/print options in Revit. Note : If the issue continues to occur when printing from a different PDF printer, then this article would not apply. You can still create 2D PDFs from your CAD application by printing to the Bluebeam PDF printer . A: Bluebeam dialogue pop up every time you print and let you define: resolution, file name, folder location, file format. B: Bluebeam takes whatever you give it in Revit , etc.; as the place and name of the file you are printing . To change this.

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