WOMEN'S ORDINATION IN THE UNITED METHODIST CHURCH Connor s. kenaston On May 4, 1956, in Minneapolis, Minnesota, the Methodist Church 's General Conference voted to grant women full clergy rights. Though Methodist women were already serving as local pastors and assigned sup-ply, this legislation granted women the rite of ordination, a. The church Session begins a course of study preparing for the Elder Exam. A curriculum ... This is the Induction and Ordination Service for Rev. S. McCollum into Stornoway Reformed Presbyterain Church on Friday 28 April, 2017. The UMC ordains both women and men to. In the United Methodist Church there are two orders of ministry: Deacon and Elder. Deacons are ordained to a ministry of Word and Service and are usually appointed by the Bishop as Associate Pastors with responsibilities for Worship, Education, Music, and/or Missions. Elders, on the other hand, are ordained to a ministry of Word, Sacrament.

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