Friendly Pivot addon(L aunch video) mimics the functionality of the Autodesk Maya Pivot Transform tool with minor differences and improvements for the Blender.It's main task is to quickly and conveniently change the Pivot Orientation , Origin and 3D Cursor positions by pressing one key, eliminating the need to select the desired component of an object and long travel. Hotkeys/ Shortcut keys play a pivotal role in any software and can speed up your workflow immensely if you use them frequently and wisely. In this tutorial I will let you know about some of the shortcut keys found in Maya. I will not only tell you about these shortcuts, but I'll show you how to use them too. Keyboard shortcut for axis orientation. Hey guys I was hoping if there's a keyboard shortcut to change the axis of orientation in Maya 2016. To change from Object to World or Component... Any way instead of double clicking on the move or rotate button to change? Any keyboard shortcut using space? Thank you! Thank you!. .

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