Flags. We are learning how to construct a regex but forgetting a fundamental concept: flags. A regex usually comes within this form / abc /, where the search pattern is delimited by two slash. Note that there is a space character in between [ and ]. + represents 1 or more characters. So it says to find a 1 or sequence of multiple consecutive space characters \t \t represents a single. One of the criteria was that the animations should work everywhere, from IE6 to an iPad. This ruled out two common video options, Flash and the <video> element. Animated GIF files would have been a candidate, except for two issues: the 256 color limitation, which would have made the animations ugly, and the encoders I tried spat out huge files. Add the following code to the project Makefile: LINKCHECKDIR = build/linkcheck .PHONY: checklinks checklinks: $ ( SPHINXBUILD) -b linkcheck $ ( ALLSPHINXOPTS) $ ( LINKCHECKDIR) @echo @echo "Check finished. Report is in $ ( LINKCHECKDIR)." Then, from the command window, enter: make checklinks.. Pictures are shown between text lines. Text files are text.

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