Fill the jar with a variety of KISSES Chocolates. Use candy with wrappers that match your party's colors. 4. Set the jar, guessing cards and pens out on a table. Place the sign in front of the jar. 5. As guests arrive, instruct them to fill out a guessing card. 6. The actual value of the coins was $379.54. The mean value (x̅) of the 602 guesses submitted was $596.12, about 57 percent too high. What's more, a massive (by crowd-wisdom standards) 40 percent. Each turn, a single player makes their guess between 0-100%, based on the prompt. Then the other players wager whether the correct percentage is higher or lower than the guess. The player that guessed gets points for how close they were to the truth. The other players get points for guessing the over/under correctly.

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