Filet crochet technique is a simple one, based on double crochet stitches and chains. With the aid of these, we create open and solid blocks, the result of which is to create a picture or pattern. The principle behind creating a picture is similar to that for changing colors in the C2C technique, with the difference that here we are operating. Jul 7, 2019 - This is a crochet style created with chains and double crochet. It’s a grid like pattern where squares are either filled or not filled and the negative space is used to create pictures within the piece. The unique thing about filet crochet is that you can embed images using the full and empty squares of the fabric. See more ideas about filet crochet, fillet crochet, crochet chart. Celtic Knot WW. Designed by Hilda Steyn. This beautiful crochet celtic knot in the pictures below was made by ctawq and it’s such a classic and stunning project, that you’ll be able to make in a heartbeat! What’s more, you can repeat this design on so many fun projects, like cushions, blankets and even garments!. The Ivy Tote – Free Crochet Pattern. The Ivy Tote is a great addition to any spring or summer wardrobe. This fresh and eye-catching tote is worked in the round, using the diagonal chevron crochet stitch. By changing colors from cream to green, the effect created is that of a series of trailing ivy strands.

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