spacer. James Mackintosh - Exhibition Manager. [email protected] +44 1273 916 312. spacer. Really good traffic, strong through both Tuesday and Wednesday so far. Definitely a diverse array of customers, people that are manufacturing, tier 1 suppliers, converters, which we love to see. A zinc-rich epoxy primer coating is an organic coating and necessarily requires a top coating for durable and reliable heavy-duty protection. It can be applied with airless spray, air spray, a roller or a brush—and the simplicity of application as well as the surface tolerance makes it suitable for onsite maintenance applications. Nonetheless. Epoxy Expo Solutions, LLC (Entity ID: 11161506) was incorporated on 2021-01-14 in Virginia. Their business is recorded as llc. The Company's current operating status is INACTIVE. Company Info Entity ID: 11161506. Entity Name: Epoxy Expo Solutions, LLC. Formation Date: 2021-01-14. State of Incorpration:.

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