A binary number can be converted to its corresponding decimal number by multiplying each binary digit with a power of 2 where the power denotes the position of the binary digit arrow_forward Write a program in Python that asks the user to input an integer and print two integers, root and power, such that 1 < power < 6 and root ** power is equal. Python allows you to process a wide range of files such as text files, csv files and even images. Sometimes you may need to read binary file in python. In this article, we will look at how to read binary file in python. We will also look at different use cases of reading binary file that are commonly used by developers. First, import numpy as np to import the numpy library. Then specify the datatype as bytes for the np object using np.dtype ('B') Next, open the binary file in reading mode. Now, create the NumPy array using the fromfile () method using the np object. Parameters are the file object and the datatype initialized as bytes.

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