This includes Medieval Swords, Japanese Swords, Middle Eastern Swords, Rapiers, CSA Swords, and any other type of sword you would use in a real environment. A Battle Ready Sword would consist of a thick blade and a full tang. Most Battle Ready Swords are made from High Carbon Steel, but other materials have been used, such as Spring Steel, high. 34" Flamberge Damascus Steel Antique Kris Sword. $ 12595. 30" Needle Tooth Damascus Steel Antique Sword. $ 12095 $ 13595. 31" Full Tang Brasswork Damascus Steel Sword. $ 12595. Real Damascus Steel Katana Sword For Sale. $ 27995 $ 34995. 36.5" Scimitar Wood Damascus Steel Antique Sword. High-performance Japanese Ninjato Sword Tamahagane Steel ... Free U.S. Shipping. 1,349.00 USD. Add to Cart. Add to Wishlist. Swords Zatoichi Sword Japanese Stick Sword Ninja Stick Sword Naruto Sword Zatoichi Style Katana Sword Without Guard Twin Sword Double Strike Ninja Sword Double Strike Ninjato. Chinese Tai Chi Training Sword, Handmade Chinese Straight Sword With Brown Scabbard. 1 Reviews. Free U.S. Shipping. 159.00 USD. Add to Cart. Add to Wishlist. Dao Chinese Jian Chinese Tai Chi Sword Chinese Spear Sword Chinese Kung Fu Sword Chinese Spear Chinese Dao Swords Guandao Chinese Guan Dao Guan Dao Sword Sokka's Sword Asian Sword Chinese.

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