The cushion is ideal for travel, office or home use. Perfect for use in wheelchairs, conventional chairs or anywhere additional lift is needed. The cover is made of a durable black cover with convenient 5 in. strap handles for easier carrying. Features Firm 4 in. foam cushion provides lift and comfort; makes it easier to get out of low or soft. 513.2 inches to pixels calculator converts 513.2 IN into PX and vice versa accurately. You can further find the answer by multiplying 513.2 IN by 96 and thus convert it into pixels. How many pixels are there in 513.2 inches? Since 1 inch = 1 * 96 = 96 PX, therefore, simply multiply 513.2 inches by 96 and get it converted into pixels.. This is the heaviest of the CZ .22 rifles, weighing 7 pounds. The Model 513 and Model 452 Scout and Training Rifle are basically utility rifles with uncheckered beechwood stocks. The Scout is the lightest of the CZ .22's, weighing only 4 pounds. These models share the same, simple, rear sight. They are perfectly serviceable, and probably better.

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