BENTLY 3500-32 125712-01 4-Channel Relay Module. full range of products we have sales, as long as you have a need, feel free to contact me:[email protected] "/>

This command accepts RELAY number from 0 – 9 and A – F, total 16 values for 16 Channel USB Relay Modules and from 0 – 9 and A – V, total 32 values for 32 Channel USB Relay Modules. Eg: “relay read A” reads status of relay 10, “relay read B” reads Relay 11 and so on. 4: gpio: gpio set x: Sets the GPIO output status to high. For the 12V relay module you disconnect the JD-VCC jumper, connect the relay power and GND to a 12V supply (from somewhere), and connect the opto-isolator supply to 3.3V and a GPIO. In this case, unless the Pi is being powered by the 12V supply then you do get isolation. Hmm.

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